How to keep up with Orchard news

It can be hard to keep up with what's happening around Orchard. Here is a set of resources that you might find interesting either you are a discovering Orchard or you are a pro.


There are a bunch of people writing a lot about Orchard. If there was only one feed to follow it would definitely be the one. It's a featured list of everything written about Orchard. The RSS feed is

But you can also read specific blogs like

There are lots more but those get the most content about Orchard.


Twitter is also an important part of Orchard buzz. By following the correct people and doing the correct search you can keep up to date with everything around Orchard and also discover great resources and information.

Instead of giving you a list of people tweeting about Orchard, I'll give an invaluable tip. Twitter comes with a very nice search API. If you use a twitter client you can normally define a custom search query to follow a specific subject. Orchard has a dedicated twitter account, but is not used that much. Instead people tend to use the #orchardcms hash-tag to talk about it. But some other might want to tag it using #orchard and #cms or orchard cms as is.

Here is an invaluable tip, do a search on (orchard cms) OR orchardcms

This way you will get all tweets with orchard and cms or orchardcms either it's used as hash-tags or plain text, and you won't miss anything from twitter.

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  • Alex said

    Hi, great post thanks. Now the only thing that's missing is an RSS feed to your blog :P (been looking for it but couldn't find it)

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