Sebastien was born in famous French Bordeaux town, where he started programming at age of 11. In 2001 he co-founded a Microsoft .NET specialized company named Evaluant, where he had been giving training and consultancy services on the .NET platform since then. He has worked on different open source .NET projects like an ORM (euss), a Javascript interpreter (Jint) and a mathematical expressions evaluator (NCalc). In parallel he was giving courses at university, teaching software development, web technology and content management. In his spare time he supports his native soccer team, enjoys mountain biking and listens James Taylor songs too much.

Since 2010, he has been a developer at Microsoft based in Redmond playing working on the Orchard CMS project.

How is this website done

Obviously it's running Orchard, on version 1.6. I made a specific theme based on The Theme Machine and included Google Prettify for syntax highlighting of the source code. It's hosted on Windows Azure Web Sites on a dedicated Medium size instance that you get for free with your MSDN subscription. The same instance runs several websites, like Orchard Harvest. It's using the Cache module because any public website should use it.